The Bridge, The Water, and The Girl

22nd  of December, 2016



I’ve always been curious what lay beneath the San Juanico Bridge, so I’ve always dreamed about swimming beneath it (only to be dragged away by the current lmao). But one faithul day, the tables turned. I wasn’t doing much when I saw my parents packing. They only told me to bring sunblock and swim wear so I assumed we were heading to the beach.  So imagine my excitement when my family decided to go on a surprise picnic in the one place I thought I’d never really visit.

 I know, I know, everyone’s sort of felt this way , but goddamn.

So yeah, this is me, trying to coax you into going there, too, haha. Well, enough with the rambling and let me tell you what the place is like and how you can get there.


It’s at the other end of the bridge for me, at Barangay San Juan, Santa Rita, Samar.

To get there, you’re going to have to travel by foot… Kidding, you can catch a ride. Hurray for four wheels – especially if youre going there with a group. Preferrably, a private vehicle ’cause it isn’t on the usual pass of public transportation.

When you get there, you van head to the floating cottages either via foot or, if you’re as lazy as me, just ride the damn thing, haha.

The food they offer is only by reservation and they personally advice you to bring your own.

They also offer three cottages but if you’re not interested in renting one, you can pay 20 pesos (per head) which at the same time serves as the entrance fee. The cottage ranges from 500 pesos, which is the smallest,  1,500 pesos for the moving cottage, and probably the most comfortable from the three, 3,500 to the biggest cottage.

There are actually a few activities you can do like:

You can go kayaking; it’s free for the first hour and then the successive hours will cost you roughly around 200 pesos (per hour).

You can go swimming in the swimming pen or around the cottages with a life jacket (it’s 16 feet deep!).

And if you have the budget, you can ask the people there to contact Acqua Momentum for you to rent the jet ski or speedboat.

If you’ll ask me, I’d say it’s actually worth the money to try. It’s very near  Tacloban City (about a thirty minutes away), the people in the place are very friendly and accommodating, and lastly I get to relax and appreciate nature.

Xoxo, Celina


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