Stripes, stripes, stripes.


.2nd of May, 2016


Okay, I’ll admit I hated them at first (don’t really know why), but wow did that change. This particular outfit celebrates its third year in my wardrobe, and to be honest, I detested it ever since mom bought it. The outfit might have been comfy on the inside but boy did I feel uncomfortable about the prints. I wasn’t really planning on actually wearing it, but then I thought to hell with it, then poof – I wore it to school. I don’t really know what I was thinking –let’s just say I wasn’t thinking at all – so the drive to school was dreadful and I wanted to hide under a rock. As much as I wanted to, it was a last-minute-regret kind of thing so I was either going to be fabulous or unglamorous. I remembered all those fashion shows I used to watch, you know, the ones with models wearing odd clothes? They always made it look pretty with how they went with it, so I figured, yolo.

             It caught me off guard when I was showered with compliments.

             It’s amazing what stripes can do. They’re simple prints with big effects – and it can either break or make an outfit. The pattern helps a person’s body be proportional to their body type. As a top, the stripes should be worn horizontally as it emphasizes curves when it hugs the body, but if you want to look lean and tall the print should be vertical and worn as pants (seldom as shirts).

            I was really inspired by all the compliments that I decided to make blog post about it. The concept was simple – make me look tall and lean. I opted not wear any accessories and I tied my hair up so it would match the concept. Corresponding that is the popular look-away pose that people do. The outfit is a jumpsuit that had a garter in my waist that appears to separate the top and bottom. The shoes I wore were my favourite white wedge that also celebrates its third year in my closet.

             Let’s just say I never looked at stripes the same way after that.

Xoxo, Celina


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