Call Me Girly


4th of April, 2016

I have always been the tutu-skirt kind of girl since the beginning of time; as I grew up I  was fascinated by shorts and converse, but never by jeans. I don’t know I guess it just never really clicked with me, and sometimes, weird as it may be, I feel like I’m being robbed of my femininity when I wear jeans (dramatic and a bit exaggerated but that’s how I feel).  I know, I know, call me crazy and/or stupid, but hey, I liked it – still do, really. So I experimented with a couple of things and found the perfect combo for me: the laid-back-girly-girl. This style is all about being up and girly but at the same time lazy and chill. I guess it’s all about rocking the best of both world of girl hood.

‘Till the next one.

Xoxo, Celina


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