A Fresh Start


28th of March, 2016

There has always been something about the catwalk. And sometimes I wonder what it’s like for a model to walk down an isle made just for her; you know, just you in a pretty dress under the lime light. You get the attention and the paycheck, but it isn’t about that for me. Just being seen, I guess, being noticed, somehow accounts for that teeny portion in my fulfillment. So I guess it goes without saying that as a kid I have always dreamed of becoming an international model. It was no surprise to my friends and family when I told about it. Funny thing is I’ve been so engrossed in becoming one that my hectic school schedule brought me back to reality, and with that, I had to set aside my modeling dreams (insert tears here). BUT WAIT, the story doesn’t end there, of course, what kind of lame story would that be? Summer is right around corner, and since I’ve no plans on giving up on my dreams any time soon, tada – lo and behold, a blog! Just so you know, I have no idea what I’m doing, but hey, fuck it, right? I mean it’s more exciting not knowing where you’re going when on an adventure.

Tag along?

Xoxo, Celina


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