One of Four Heavens

15th of May, 2017


Cuatro Islas 8

Xoxo, Celina


The Bridge, The Water, and The Girl

22nd  of December, 2016



I’ve always been curious what lay beneath the San Juanico Bridge, so I’ve always dreamed about swimming beneath it (only to be dragged away by the current lmao). But one faithul day, the tables turned. I wasn’t doing much when I saw my parents packing. They only told me to bring sunblock and swim wear so I assumed we were heading to the beach.  So imagine my excitement when my family decided to go on a surprise picnic in the one place I thought I’d never really visit.

 I know, I know, everyone’s sort of felt this way , but goddamn.

So yeah, this is me, trying to coax you into going there, too, haha. Well, enough with the rambling and let me tell you what the place is like and how you can get there.


It’s at the other end of the bridge for me, at Barangay San Juan, Santa Rita, Samar.

To get there, you’re going to have to travel by foot… Kidding, you can catch a ride. Hurray for four wheels – especially if youre going there with a group. Preferrably, a private vehicle ’cause it isn’t on the usual pass of public transportation.

When you get there, you van head to the floating cottages either via foot or, if you’re as lazy as me, just ride the damn thing, haha.

The food they offer is only by reservation and they personally advice you to bring your own.

They also offer three cottages but if you’re not interested in renting one, you can pay 20 pesos (per head) which at the same time serves as the entrance fee. The cottage ranges from 500 pesos, which is the smallest,  1,500 pesos for the moving cottage, and probably the most comfortable from the three, 3,500 to the biggest cottage.

There are actually a few activities you can do like:

You can go kayaking; it’s free for the first hour and then the successive hours will cost you roughly around 200 pesos (per hour).

You can go swimming in the swimming pen or around the cottages with a life jacket (it’s 16 feet deep!).

And if you have the budget, you can ask the people there to contact Acqua Momentum for you to rent the jet ski or speedboat.

If you’ll ask me, I’d say it’s actually worth the money to try. It’s very near  Tacloban City (about a thirty minutes away), the people in the place are very friendly and accommodating, and lastly I get to relax and appreciate nature.

Xoxo, Celina

Weird, Comfortable, Proud

1st of October, 2016


I’ve always been told to behave accordingly. As a kid, I had a hard time doing so because I knew I was different – in a way that was weird for others. Basically I became a breeding ground for discrimination. Luckily, though, I was surrounded by people who genuinely loved me for who I was, people who changed me for the better, didn’t try to turn me into someone I wasn’t.


Today I share to you my usual outfit, the days where giving fucks is a no. Cami and vintage maroon skirt topped with white sneakers. Now, I usually don’t do it, but for this outfit I tucked the cami in (looked way better and gave out a stronger feel), kind of making it look like a dress. As for the facial get-up, I kept it simple and minimal – I like things natural; I’m especially proud of my naturally curly brown hair. To not make it look overly aggressive though, I topped it off by fixing half of my hair up in a sort of loose tie and bringing in a pair of glasses to soften the look. Then again, you could always lose the denim jacket and glasses in other occasions to give a classy-sassy aura.


I bought the cami from Surplus, skirt and denim jacket are  from a local thrift shop, and white slip-on sneakers from Payless.

So, this is me. And I am proud to say that I love myself for being who I am despite the fair share of flaws. Well, I also appreciate my flaws, of course, wouldn’t be myself without them. The thing about loving yourself though is that people have a sort of misconception about it, vain and all that.


Thing is, loving yourself isn’t about being pretentious. Loving yourself is about respecting yourself, that even though you are not perfect, you are going to try and get better every day to improve yourself even if it means falling short of it. Loving yourself is all about being you, respecting yourself while respecting those around you. I mean, come one, if people are free to express themselves, other people should be free to judge, right? Besides, at the end of the day, what’s really important for you to keep going is based on how you see the world and not how the world sees you. To you who’s reading this, I tell you do be the same. Don’t be afraid to be different and love yourself– it’s what makes you stand out. Own up to it, and be fabulous.

Xoxo, Celina

On Street

28th of August 2016



Ever since I was a kid I have always been the prim and classy fashion gal. I haven’t really gotten the chance to go out of my comfort zone. Well, yes I was kind of afraid but at the same time I was enthusiastic to try it.

So today I share to you something I have never done before, something that’s way out of my comfort zone: my take on the street style fashion.

I’ve combined two basic pieces that you can find in a usual girl’s (awfully like me) closet: a plain white shirt and high waist denim shorts. To break it down, I tied the shirt slightly above the belly button to leave a space between it and my shorts, showing a bit more skin. Although depriving it of its purpose, I opted not to entirely wear the denim jacket because why not, it looks cool. To twist it, I bunned my hair up top to emphasize it while leaving half of it down – hopefully making it look attention-cravingly fierce.

To be honest, this outfit is something my thirteen year-old self would wear – minus the boots and denim jacket – and would look cute in. Welp, children grow and then the same, cute outfit looks better and hot. C’est la vie.

To spice things up a bit, I decided to innovate this ensemble by adding a few accessories I felt needed to give it more of a badass-chick vibe, and let me tell you it was uncomfortable as hell. I had to muster up a shit load of courage to make the piece look great, at least for me. For fashion, right?

 I bought the shirt from Uniqulo, high waist shorts from Forever 21, the boots and denim jacket are a from a thrift shop.

Sooo, basically, me going out of my comfort zone made me feel great, especially when I got a look at the end results. And this is me telling you to go out of your comfort zone, too. Sometimes, well, most of the time, going beyond the border is scary, but if it’s necessary, then a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. With that I encourage you to do the same, not just for fashion but for other things, too. So if you’re looking for a sign to push you off the cliff of the hesitant, this is it! Sort of. Don’t let it be a bad thing, though, lol.

Yes, I actually have an amazing editor who cringes at my drafts. She’s Cridge.

Xoxo, Celina 

Daily Denim

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

25th of June, 2016


Today I would like to share with you two ways to properly wear your denim shorts. So, you might be wondering why would I want to share this with you, it is because most people just see this piece of clothing as a basic type of garment you can use on a lazy day but it’s not! There are definitely ways to wear a pair of denim shorts!

One of which is what I would like to call The Dressy Denim Outfit.

IMG_20160610_180329-01 (1)

It is called dressy because of the top’s details. Although you can’t see it clear in this picture, the fabric used in this top was actually lace which added femininity.


Heels were a must in this outfit and they were in the style of strappy wedge that had a floral design. The bag was very simple but I made sure that the color would pop. I chose the color red to add a vibrant feel to the monochromatic vibe of the outfit.

The second outfit is a more casual approach.

Processed with VSCO

Unlike the first outfit that was very feminine, this look is more of the girly tomboy side. The top is in the halter cut and it’s in the color black (which I don’t really love) but I just love the vibe of this outfit because I discovered it accidentally. So, it was really like a perfect match when I saw these two combined.

2016-05-22 03.25.48 1

For my shoes I opted to wear my white sneakers so I can keep the theme of the outfit.

Photo Credits to Shiana Ross Dy Tan and Karen Go

Where to Shop?

Denim shorts: Forever 21

White Top: Pop District Bazzar from Gillian Uang’s both

Black Top: A gift from a friend

Heels: Aldo

White Sneakers: Payless

Bag: Penshoppe

Hope you enjoyed this post 🙂

Xoxo, Celina

Back to School Fashion


6th of June, 2016


It’s the time of the year again where we prepare ourselves for another set of ten months in school. I’m seriously not excited because school for me is like an endless battle field where you do unending reports,  projects, quizzes, exams, and so many unrelated discussions told by your teacher. But I must admit that even though I hate the thought of going to school there’s actually quite an excitement whenever classes are just about to start for the reason that I have a new set of teachers and classmates and of course, who doesn’t love to shop for school outfits?

That’s why I decided to make a blog post about what are the top three outfits that I wear to school. These outfits are based on the mood I am in for that specific day.

The first outfit is a representation of my serious yet girly personality combined. Normally I don’t wear coords to school but since it is a new school year I decided to give it a try.


I chose this outfit because of it’s versatility. As you can see the top is a zippered polo shirt while the skirt is actually a skort, so I don’t have to worry .  With the unpredictable weather change, this outfit can work with any temperature. May it be a very hot or cold day, this outfit will not let you down.


This is just another way to wear the coord. This way, it can be worn to a chill day or even to an unexpected night out with friends. This will definitely work in any way possible.


Well, the second outfit is about those sluggish  days that I have, when I’m just too lazy to pick  what to wear. That’s the reason for this outfit. It’s a simple gray dress that’s an inch above the knees which is just the right length for that strict dress code. This outfit is something I wear during those busy days at school because it’s very comfortable and hassle free.


The third and last outfit is something I typically wear everyday besides from my uniform. It’s a representation of my cheerful mood but in a black and white outfit. This is more like my signature look to school because I love how it is effortlessly polished, and that I don’t really have to worry on how it looks. I just love how the skirt and cardigan matches each other and the camisole is just so comfortable.

I wish you all a wonderful school year ahead.

Xoxo, Celina

Friendship Fringes


Everyone has that one friend they value more than the others; and we cannot deny the fact that it’s (just) so hard to find a perfect friend. Luckily, I have Tisha. She has been my friend since elementary or some time around my my grade school days

Like typical friends, we have our fair share of ups and downs but at the end of the day, we’re more than just friends – we’re sisters or so I’d like to think. Even though we don’t see each other that much because of (the) distance we manage to still be really close. All it takes is honesty and and a lot of understanding. We don’t bother each other on a random days because we know that we’re busy with studies, but when we see each other we make sure to do a (photo) shoot together, besides we only get to do it once a year.

The theme of today’s blog is about what I would wear  to a music festival. Tisha didn’t really get the memo (hence the outfit) but it didn’t really affect our shoot.


The look is all about the fringe. My inspiration ? Nadine Lustre.


As you can see I paired my white fringe top with denim shorts that are high waisted because they are really comfortable and not heavy to wear. i really wanted to wear boots but unfortunately I don’t own a pair, so I chose to wear my sneakers since it’s not really advisable to wear sandals at these kinds of events. Reasons being, you might hurt your feet because of the dense ground, and you might get your toes dirty. I know that it’s necessary to wear accessories but I guess this can be an exemption ’cause if your clumsy like me, you might end up losing them and we all know how tedious it can get.

Hope you picked up lessons from this post 🙂

Xoxo, Celina

Stripes, stripes, stripes.


.2nd of May, 2016


Okay, I’ll admit I hated them at first (don’t really know why), but wow did that change. This particular outfit celebrates its third year in my wardrobe, and to be honest, I detested it ever since mom bought it. The outfit might have been comfy on the inside but boy did I feel uncomfortable about the prints. I wasn’t really planning on actually wearing it, but then I thought to hell with it, then poof – I wore it to school. I don’t really know what I was thinking –let’s just say I wasn’t thinking at all – so the drive to school was dreadful and I wanted to hide under a rock. As much as I wanted to, it was a last-minute-regret kind of thing so I was either going to be fabulous or unglamorous. I remembered all those fashion shows I used to watch, you know, the ones with models wearing odd clothes? They always made it look pretty with how they went with it, so I figured, yolo.

             It caught me off guard when I was showered with compliments.

             It’s amazing what stripes can do. They’re simple prints with big effects – and it can either break or make an outfit. The pattern helps a person’s body be proportional to their body type. As a top, the stripes should be worn horizontally as it emphasizes curves when it hugs the body, but if you want to look lean and tall the print should be vertical and worn as pants (seldom as shirts).

            I was really inspired by all the compliments that I decided to make blog post about it. The concept was simple – make me look tall and lean. I opted not wear any accessories and I tied my hair up so it would match the concept. Corresponding that is the popular look-away pose that people do. The outfit is a jumpsuit that had a garter in my waist that appears to separate the top and bottom. The shoes I wore were my favourite white wedge that also celebrates its third year in my closet.

             Let’s just say I never looked at stripes the same way after that.

Xoxo, Celina

Call Me Girly


4th of April, 2016

I have always been the tutu-skirt kind of girl since the beginning of time; as I grew up I  was fascinated by shorts and converse, but never by jeans. I don’t know I guess it just never really clicked with me, and sometimes, weird as it may be, I feel like I’m being robbed of my femininity when I wear jeans (dramatic and a bit exaggerated but that’s how I feel).  I know, I know, call me crazy and/or stupid, but hey, I liked it – still do, really. So I experimented with a couple of things and found the perfect combo for me: the laid-back-girly-girl. This style is all about being up and girly but at the same time lazy and chill. I guess it’s all about rocking the best of both world of girl hood.

‘Till the next one.

Xoxo, Celina

A Fresh Start


28th of March, 2016

There has always been something about the catwalk. And sometimes I wonder what it’s like for a model to walk down an isle made just for her; you know, just you in a pretty dress under the lime light. You get the attention and the paycheck, but it isn’t about that for me. Just being seen, I guess, being noticed, somehow accounts for that teeny portion in my fulfillment. So I guess it goes without saying that as a kid I have always dreamed of becoming an international model. It was no surprise to my friends and family when I told about it. Funny thing is I’ve been so engrossed in becoming one that my hectic school schedule brought me back to reality, and with that, I had to set aside my modeling dreams (insert tears here). BUT WAIT, the story doesn’t end there, of course, what kind of lame story would that be? Summer is right around corner, and since I’ve no plans on giving up on my dreams any time soon, tada – lo and behold, a blog! Just so you know, I have no idea what I’m doing, but hey, fuck it, right? I mean it’s more exciting not knowing where you’re going when on an adventure.

Tag along?

Xoxo, Celina